POAM NIST 800-171 Plan of Action and Milestones Template

POAM NIST 800-171 (Plan of Action and Milestones) is required for DoD contractors to meet DFARS compliance requirements. If during your internal audit you find that your company does not meet some of the NIST requirements, the Plan of Action and Milestones outlines how and when your company plans to meet these requirements.

Or as described in the June 2001 “Reporting Instructions for the Government Information Security Reform Act” (OMB M-01-24)

“The purpose of this POA&M is to assist agencies in identifying, assessing, prioritizing, and monitoring the progress of corrective efforts for security weaknesses found in programs and systems”

A POAM NIST template is included in several of our DFARS template packages.CKSS has compiled a suite of DFARS 252.204-7012 compliance templates to help DOD contractors get a jumpstart on their remediation activities as well as ensure continued compliance. By buying compliance templates, you are saving your organization time and money since all the templates have already been created and conveniently grouped together for you.


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