Security Risk & Compliance Services

Transforming The Complex Into Simple Cybersecurity Solutions

Only when optimal security and compliance infrastructures are seamlessly aligned, is risk effectively managed and mitigated.

We leverage our people, processes and technology as an extension of your team. Together, we construct a formidable cybersecurity framework.

When you lack manpower and resources, our team can help you meet regulatory requirements including those required by DFARS/CMMC, FISMA, PCI, and HIPAA.


Get Started On Your Risk Management Strategy

We Do The Heavy Lifting So You Don’t Have To

Assess, analyze and audit current compliance and security infrastructures

Monitor and manage ongoing risk, incidents, and vulnerabilities 

Design and implement an agile security strategy roadmap aligned with compliance regulations

Manage, implement and maintain a robust risk management framework

Compliance Expertise Ready On Demand

DFARS/CMMC Compliance Services

Identify, secure and eliminate vulnerabilities. Implement, certify and manage NIST SP 800-171 requirements.

FISMA Compliance Services

Develop and implement the right eight-point action plan. Ensure continuous, assertive monitoring and compliance reporting.

PCI Complaince Services

Assess perimeter and internal security vulnerabilities. Develop and implement a robust ten-point security compliance plan.

HIPAA Compliance Services

Identify all information and systems that store and transfer ePHI. Secure, manage and maintain compliance for your entire infrastructure.

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CKSS CMMC DFARS Compliance Consultants managed security services

Go Beyond Your Consultation With Managed Services

Go beyond Compliance with our Managed Services that provide a holistic approach to risk management and capabilities of dealing with various threats, data breaches, and business disruptions.

Consultative Advice With Our Compliance Management Program

Ask us about our Compliance Management Program that leverages new technical capabilities and provides consistency and continuity across the compliance lifecycle. Features include assessments, remediation, and continuous monitoring.

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Cybersecurity Resources

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